Secondary Takeaway: STEM Taster Menu

3 hours and 38 Minutes

STEM is made up of so many different things, but why can’t you investigate them all? Below, we’ve included a pick from each different field to give you a taster.

This menu includes:

  1. Science: Public Health
  2. Technology: Dr Diana
  3. Engineering: Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Role Models
  4. Maths: Meet Chelsea


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58 Minutes

In this session from 13 May 2020, learn about Public Health and what it means to be healthy.

Watch Here


55 Minutes

In this session originally recorded on 6 August 2021, meet Dr Diana, a computer scientist working in medical imaging.

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58 Minutes

For this Instagram Live originally produced on 16 April 2021, meet STEMazing engineering role models from Mercedes.

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47 Minutes

In this session from 15 April 2021, learn from Chelsea who explains why Maths is so interesting.

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