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The Stemette Society

Stemette Society

A closed social network for young women

For young women aged 13 to 25.

Your opportunity to connect with like-minded young women and nonbinary young people in a safe & moderated online space. Discuss things you’ve seen in the Zine, experienced at school or have learnt from STEM events like the ones run by the Stemettes. A global network to help you learn and get into the STEM industry – chat with your peers and get advice direct from TeamStemette.

Fun-filled, informal, exciting, amazing, motivational, fun, inclusive, 
Fabulous, Friendly, Inspiring and Supportive…
For a year, we’ve been running Stemette Society
An online, safe & moderated, closed space
For like-minded young women and nonbinary young people
From across the world, aged 13 to 25
to build a powerful & inspired network
Being able to network with like-minded individuals
And access career-building opportunities.
I’ve become connected with opportunities and people that will help me in the future & that share interests
I’ve been connected to people I can ask support from and are willing to help
Join Us.