It's one of the most common questions in an interview, so it's a good idea to prepare for this question so it doesn't throw you off.

“So, tell me about yourself”… I mean where do you even start with that? First up, know that your response to this one question isn’t going to make or break your interview. There are going to be plenty of other chances to sell yourself. Interviews often start with this question as it’s a good way to ease everyone into the interview process and get the ball rolling. As long as you’ve thought about what you’re going to say (and that’s why you’re here right?) you’re going to be fine.

One of the hardest things with this question is how to start your response. You don’t want to give them your life story, but you do want a nice way to set the scene before you hit them with your awesome skills and experience.

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A good way to begin is to talk about where you are currently in your education/career. For example, “I’m currently studying for my A levels in…/ At the moment I’m working as a…”. It eases everyone into the response and gives a bit of context for the next part which is…

Why you’re interested in the job. There are tons of roles and careers out there – why are you interviewing for this one? Make sure you understand the job you’re applying for. Read the vacancy carefully and do some extra research into the role. Explore careers is a good place to start. Which bits of the job attract you? What parts sound interesting? Employers want someone who cares about the job and wants to do it – show them that’s you.

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Now you want to sell yourself as the perfect fit for the role. What skills have you got that are relevant? What have you done that shows how good you’d be at it? Don’t worry if you haven’t already done the exact job – think about the things you *have* done and how they show the qualities the employer is looking for. Remember, they aren’t looking for the finished article. They just want someone with the right skill set that has the potential to be great.

Put these elements together and you’ve got your answer. You can play about with the order to find something that flows well and feels natural. Practice it out loud so that you know what you’re going to say and can be confident and relaxed as you say it. Be positive, be enthusiastic and above all be yourself.

This article was written by Eloise Lewis, a Technical Writer at FNZ.

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