27 Sep 2023

How Can My Choices Benefit Society?


In the past, women and non-binary folks (maybe one of your guardians) were primarily expected to fulfil domestic roles, such as taking care of the household, raising children, and fulfilling the role of a ‘wife’. However, women today are less shackled by these traditional gender roles and have entered various professions and leadership positions. We have gained increased independence and have more opportunities for education and career advancement. STEM is one of them.

Today, women and non-binary people have made significant strides in joining the workforce and have increased their representation in previously male-dominated industries. Have you ever thought – How did this happen?

In recent decades, there has been a growing awareness of gender equality issues and a surge in feminist movements advocating for women’s rights and empowerment. Which has led to significant changes in societal norms and greater recognition of women’s contributions to various fields.

Choosing STEM as a career path can have a significant impact on women and society in several ways, some I have tried to list below.

Advancements in technology and innovation

Women’s unique perspectives and experiences can bring fresh ideas and innovations to STEM fields. Increasing gender diversity in these areas can lead to the development of products, services, and technologies that better cater to the needs of women, benefiting society.

Economic empowerment

Increasing women’s participation in STEM fields can contribute to their economic empowerment by providing access to high-paying and rewarding careers. This can help reduce the gender pay gap and increase financial independence for women.

Breaking gender stereotypes

Encouraging women to pursue STEM fields can challenge and break down traditional gender stereotypes. This can inspire and empower girls and women to pursue their passions and interests, regardless of societal expectations, leading to greater gender equality and inclusivity.

Increased representation

Expanding women’s representation in STEM fields can provide role models and inspiration for future generations of girls and young women. This can help dismantle the notion that STEM careers are exclusively for men and encourage more girls to pursue their interests in these areas.

This article was written by Liesha Nangia – Principal Consultant – Wipro Consulting D&C, Wipro Limited. Connect with Liesha on LinkedIn here >>

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