18 May 2020

Meet Shivvy Jervis

Who is Shivvy Jervis? 

Shivvy Jervis is a Human Potential Futurist. She focuses on technology, science, psychology and sociology.  Shivvy Jervis grew up in Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India where she was already reporting on new technology as a teenager. Shivvy Jervis is a multi-award-winning tech futurist, an advisor and a broadcaster on the digital economy. She has been recognised for over 22 awards and accolades (praises). She was commended by TED Global for having “a remarkable ability to analyse the socio-economic impact of new technologies.” She makes it her mission to exhibit the most radical innovations that will revamp our realities and is currently writing an aspiring book on the same theme. Shivvy reaches thousands with her substantial and provocative talks and broadcasts. Shivvy Jervis was voted a thought leader ‘making digital Britain tick.’ 

Meet Shivvy Jervis | Stemettes Zine
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How is she known? 

Shivvy is generally known for her work as a creator and a presenter on an online series- ‘Digital Futures.’ This attracted over 11 million people. She produced and fronted the Trailblazers and showcasing the next wave of digital pioneers and ultimately our day-to-day lives. Through her talks she makes sense of unfolding next generation technologies and envisaging their influences for enterprises and governments. Her style has been applauded for being ‘deeply persuasive.’ She’s committed to intensifying human potential. She was fascinated to unpick people’s stories. She believed that “everyone brings a completely different perspective to storytelling.” 


Shivvy Jervis was named a top 10 future leader for London. She received an Asian Women of Achievement Award. She’s has won many awards and received a lot of praise. Her career has exerted influence on many people.

This article was written by work experience, Ma’ame.

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