30 Nov 2023

Taylor Swift Eras Tour: The Tech That Made It Happen


Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is groundbreaking for lots of reasons. It set the record for the highest-attended concert for a female artist. The Seattle tour dates caused a 2.3 magnitude earthquake because of cheering fans. Its tech, too, was out-of-this-world! Find out the different ways Taylor incorporated technology into her sets.


Stage dive

During Taylor’s tour, she dives into a hole in the stage (which looks like water). Taylor then ‘swims’ to the other side of the stage. She then emerges on the other side of the stage to carry on her performance! Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

First of all, Taylor knows when to jump due to a green light shining under the stage. The green light shows when the inflatable cushion that catches her has inflated. Then, a small motorized sledge travels her to the other end of the stage (see below for how this works in action!). At the same time, the LEDs on the stage floor play graphics to make it look like Taylor is swimming.



During the concert, Taylor uses light-up bracelets given to her fans to create images in the crowd. The images she creates support the vibe of the song she is singing, like snakes for Look What You Made Me Do. They create an exciting experience for the crowd, who feel like an extension of the stage.

The tech for these wristbands might not be as advanced as you thought. She uses Infrared technology. Infrared is the same thing used in your TV remotes or your cooking appliances, and it is invisible to humans. Infrared transmitters travel throughout the arena to each wristband to create light effects.


There are so many other uses of tech we could have covered. From the lighting to the engineering of the stage and much more. So, what do you think? Whether you class yourself as a Swiftie or not, we can all agree that the tech used in Taylor’s tour is impressive. What concert would you like to see technology used at?

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