25 Mar 2022

What Is Agile & How Does ASOS Use It?


Tori talks about Retros: What are they, why we use them. How to lead opposed to managing alongside answering intelligent and interesting questions from our connect participants.

What Is Agile And How Does ASOS Use It? | Stemettes Zine

What does Agile mean?

A way of working is commonly used in software engineering teams and it’s a way of working that promotes and supports a culture that drives a team to a common goal.

Agile sprints diagram | Stemettes Zine
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What is a retrospective?

A retro is a team meeting where everyone gets together to look back over the period since the last retro and reflect what’s happened. The objective is to reflect and improve. Everyone has the chance to speak and a safe place where you are encouraged to speak your mind.

What will the retrospective include?

  1. How have things gone? Have we achieved what was set out to do?
  2. If not, what stopped us? What can be done to make things run more smoothly next time?
  3. If yes, what did we do right? Can we repeat it?

A retrospective is also an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate success and recognise achievements
  • Talk about what’s gone wrong. Failure is celebrated – a way to improve
  • Vent!
  • A way to better understand teammates and bring people together as a team

How to run a retrospective:

  • There is no fixed format to a retro and is encouraged to continuously change
  • Try to keep things informal and fun
  • A retro is an example of an Agile team practice
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