On the 31st of March, as part of our Easter Explore Programme, we spoke to Jazmin Morris about all of her different roles, and how she uses her passions to make a difference.

Here at Stemettes we know that not everyone feels as though they have equal opportunities in STEM. That is why people like Jazmin are so important!

Jazmin is a Creative Computing Artist and Educator whose work helps highlight issues in gender, race, and power. She does this through open-source game development tools and virtual reality.

Jazmin wears a lot of others hats, too. She speaks about the issues she is passionate about at conferences, runs a tech club for 11-14 year olds, teaches graphic design and also makes art.

The intersection of art and technology which Jazmin brings into her work is a concept known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). STEAM is very important, as it highlights the fact that people working in creative careers use aspects of STEM which are fundemental to their jobs and vice versa.

So, what is creative coding?
Coding is when we give a computer instructions for it to carry out a specific task. This meaning that creative coding is when we use these instructions to create a variety of different art forms.

Advice from Jazmin

  • There are no rules in art, and there are no rules in creative coding. You can use whichever tools you like to create your art. Jazmin’s favourite tools are HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Do not write off a subject you enjoy just because it is male-dominated. The subjects Jazmin uses now were the subjects she was hesitant about in school because of the number of males in the class.
  • Make sure your job is something which you enjoy and that you are good at. Work that isn’t your passion can be boring and tiresome!

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