On the 17th of August, Jazmin, one of our Stemettes, walked us through how to use Tinkercad, a platform to create 3D designs. Being creative whilst working in STEAM is something that Jazmin is really passionate about, as she works as a freelance creative technologist as well as developing her own Virtual Reality experiences and text-based games.

So, what do we use Tinkercad for? Tinkercad can be used for many different functions such as prototyping a product, engineering a product and designing. Overall, Tinkercad produces 3D models of your project to see how it looks and how well it works. You can access Tinkercad here. You will have to create an account for free to join.

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  • To begin, go to the dashboard and start a new design.
  • To choose between different shapes, you can choose from the menu on the right-hand side. Once you have found the one you like, you can click and drag them into your workspace.
  • To group or ungroup shapes, hold down the shift key whilst clicking on the shapes.
  • To change the size and rotation of the shape, you can move the arrows surrounding the shape.
  • To use a test human to test your equipment, you can use the Astrobot.
  • To get different views of what you create, you can click and drag the work plane shape as well as clicking on the words on the workplane.
  • If you would like to change the colour of the shape, this can be done by either filling it solid or hole. Solid will be used for the most part
  • Pick up, drag, hold, and move across to place one item on top of the other.

Fancy a challenge? Jazmin suggests using Tinkercad to create a playground of the future. Think of the issues with playgrounds currently: are they accessible to everyone, including all ages? are they sustainable? Once you have some ideas of how we can change our playgrounds, design it for yourself!

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