Beyond 16 Takeaway: Health Careers

From Pharmaceuticals to Public Health, there’s so much to consider when using our STEM knowledge in careers that keep folks healthy.

2 Hours and 4 Minutes

This menu includes:

  1. Meet 2 Pharma Role Models

  2. Introduction to Public Health

  3. Health and Wellbeing with Bank of America

National Curriculum: KS3-KS4

Partially addressing all aspects of English, Computer Science, and several aspects of Design and Tech and Art and Design.


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Meet 2 Pharma Role Models

Meet 2 Pharma Role Models

60 Minutes

On the 12th of June 2020, we were joined on Instagram Live by Stacey Aguilar and Kayisha Payne. They shared their journeys, gave us an intro to Pharma and then answered questions.

Watch Here

Introduction To Public Health

60 Minutes

For the 13th of May 2020, we were joined by one of our Stemettes, Eleanor, where she spoke to us about all things public health including how to manage your physical and mental health as well as encouraging others to do the same.

Watch Here