12 Feb 2024

5 Questions Scientists Haven’t Been Able to Answer (Yet)


Science is wonderful, it has helped us understand so much about ourselves and the world around us. But, there are some problems scientists have been stuck on for a long time. We’re going to look at some of these questions below.


What Is Dark Matter?

Dark matter is the particles that make up most of the universe. When you look up at the sky, it is the particles that can’t absorb or reflect light. Because we can’t see it and it can’t be detected by radiation, scientists haven’t been able to understand what it’s made of or how it works.


What Is Consciousness?

If you’re reading this, you’re conscious. But what does consciousness mean? And how did it happen in the human brain? Are animals conscious? If so, is it different to humans? Because it is so personal to us, and happens inside our head, it is hard to study scientifically.


How Does Quantum Gravity Work?

Scientists have tried for a long time to bring together quantum mechanics and general relativity. Quantum mechanics looks at how particles smaller than atoms behave. General relativity understands how gravity impacts large objects. But, when scientists try to understand how these small objects work, they’re still not sure.


What Is Time?

There are so many explanations for what time is. Is it the passing of one moment to the next? Is it the past or the future? We’re still not sure, exactly, what time means. We’re also not sure whether it is fundamental (a property of the universe) or emergent (something that arises from an event). Do we all experience time the same way?


Why Do Humans Age?

Whilst all humans age, this isn’t true for animals. Some species, such as jellyfish and lobsters, don’t see an increased risk of dying as they get older. So why is it this way for us? What causes us to age? And, if we do know, is it possible to stop ageing entirely, and maybe reverse it? There’s a lot of research in this area, but we’ve still not found an answer.


Even though we don’t have the answers yet, scientists are continuing to answer these, and other, intriguing questions. Think you know the answers?


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