6 Apr 2022

How Energy Industry Careers Help Climate Change

Biology Engineering Physics

Climate change, or global warming, is a huge problem for everyone on the planet. Because of the size of the challenge, it can be daunting to think about what you can do to help. This is especially true for young people. You might feel like you have inherited a world that relies on burning fossil fuels to no fault of your own.

Many young people chose to express their frustration through striking. But what other options are there for young people to help in the fight against climate change? Are there career paths that lend themselves to making a positive impact on the planet?


The Careers To Save The Planet

The answer is yes! There are many industries that offer jobs tailored to tackling climate change. One area that needs young people is the energy industry. This is because the energy industry has the responsibility of decarbonising our society’s energy by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy from the sun and wind. But this is not an easy task, so to achieve this the energy industry needs talented people to carry out jobs such as:

  • Solar PV scientist or researcher (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • Wind turbine engineer (civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical)
  • Data scientist (mathematics, statistics, computer science)
  • Chemistry and electricity experts and engineers (physics, chemistry, natural sciences)
  • Environmentalist, policy analyst, public affairs (natural sciences, humanities)

And many more! After all, reimagining and reconstructing the world’s energy infrastructure will need a monumental effort all over the world.

But is there a way to continue the fight against climate change whilst learning about the variety of STEM careers in the energy industry?

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The good news is, the answer is YES! The Energy Institute has launched the Climate Change Champions Project. Individuals or groups (the Climate Change Champions) will connect with peers and professionals. Join the project for a day of mentoring, and brainstorming, before presenting ideas to experts at the Energy Institute.
At the end of the day, the winning idea and its inventors will receive a one-month mentorship program sponsored by the Energy Institute’s Young Professional Network. This will help the inventors accelerate and unlock the Climate Change Champions’ full potential. If you’re interested in climate change, you might also like:


Biology Engineering Physics
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