8 Mar 2021

8 Resources Any Stemette Interested in Cyber Security Needs to Know About

Cyber Security

The cybersecurity industry needs to hire 4 million people to meet current demand! Cybersecurity is one of the most diverse careers in STEM and is a brilliant career that touches every industry. Every day is different, you are constantly learning, the problems you will be solving are challenging but interesting, and it is a job when you can have major impact.

Here are some resources that are wonderful for any budding infosec (information security) superheroes:


No-one does this better than the podcast Darknet Diaries in which every episode is a gem, discussing the most intriguing and shocking cyber security cases in history. I love them all but these three are my favourite:

There are some brilliant podcasts on cyber security out there but the ones that do it best are the ones where you feel like you’re listening to an amazing thriller audiobook!

Episode 21: Black Duck Eggs

You won’t believe the lengths these hackers went to in order to steal intellectual property! Listen to this episode on Darknet Diaries >>

Episode 2: VTECH Hacker

Did you know those toy VTECH laptops could be hacked? This eye-opening episode will make you look at kids toys in a totally different light! Listen to this episode on Darknet Diaries >>

Episode 41: Just Visiting

Learn about the exciting world of social engineering where professionals leverage psychology (and even wear fake pregnancy bellies) to get into buildings without using a lockpick or a computer! Listen to this episode on Darknet Diaries >>


Computerphile are my go-to channel when I come across a security topic I don’t understand because they are so good at explaining things in a clear way. Check out their YouTube channel here >>

The Cyber Mentor has hundreds of hours of free follow along security courses ranging from beginners to advanced on Twitch and Youtube. Take a look at the Cyber Mentor here >>


Get your cyber fix from Bleeping Computer. Head to Bleeping Computer here >>


This was the first cybersecurity course I ever did and it provides a great introduction to what cyber security is. This 10-week course is free to join. Take a look at the Open University course here >>

Want to get hands-on hacking into systems in a safe (and legal) way? Immersive Labs student course is free to any students in full-time or part-time education. Check out the course here >>


Follow these super-cyber women:

Offensive & defensive technical security meetup for women Ethos is women-centric not women exclusive Focus is building technical knowledge & skills in Cyber Sec

best new, up-and-coming cybersecurity blog 2020. We work in infosec, run a blog + are here to encourage ED&I!

This article was written by Lianne Potter, Information Security Transformation Manager at Covéa Insurance.

Cyber Security
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