9 Feb 2024

Apprenticeships: Why Should I Choose One?


Have you ever wondered if university is the right choice for you? Do you enjoy hands-on learning? Maybe it’s time to consider an apprenticeship! Below, we list some of our favourite things about apprenticeships to help you decide.


You’ll Develop Useful Skills

Apprenticeships help you learn new skills, and these skills will last you throughout your career. This is because the skills you learn during your apprenticeship are the same as the skills you’d use in the workplace in your chosen field. It’s so much easier to adapt to a workplace when you’ve learnt the skills before! Also, apprentices are 9% more likely to find full-time employment after finishing their course than university graduates.


There’s Lots of Choice

When you think of apprenticeships, what kind of industry do you think of? You might have ideas about the kind of apprenticeships available, but there’s opportunities in many industries. For example, there’s decorating and cybersecurity apprenticeships, as well as healthcare and fashion! And, because all apprenticeships are classed as employment, you’ll be getting paid no matter which field you choose.


You’ll Stand out to Employers

A qualified apprentice will have industry-specific skills that will stand out to employers. Also, the ability to complete an apprenticeship showcases dedication and a high level of interest in that field. This makes employers more likely to see your passion!


You’ll Make Connections

Apprenticeships are a great place to meet new people with similar interests to you. This will help you find and build a community of supportive people. For example, Katie Sanders, a current Bagnall’s apprentice, said “The people I work with are really friendly and always willing to have a laugh! If I ever need advice, my coworkers are always happy to show me different ways to tackle a job.”


So now you’ve read our favourite parts of apprenticeships, do you think they’re for you? There’s lots of resources for you to explore to find out more including Prospects and Apprenticeships.gov.uk. Thank you to Bagnalls, for providing us with the information above.

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