1 Jul 2024

Breaking Barriers in STEM: Unveiling Inspiring stories of Trailblazing Female and Non-Binary scientists


In the world of STEM, some people have set the bar with their courage to challenge conventions. Not only have they broken through gender bias but they’ve also redefined what’s possible. Their journeys serve as a path for a more inclusive and diverse future.


Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson was responsible for putting astronauts on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission! But, she also defied the constraints of racial and gender biases of the time. Her calculations were used to launch the first Americans into space.

Hilda Lyon

Hilda Lyon invented the ‘Lyon shape’. This is a streamlined form used in airships, submarines and more! By debunking misconceptions about wind tunnels, her work improved aerodynamic efficiency forever. This breakthrough transformed the design of modern aircraft today.

Mae Jemison

Mae’s story is one of dreams and unwavering determination. It has left a long-lasting mark on space exploration and the pursuit of equality. Out of over 2,000 applications, she became the first black woman admitted to an astronaut training program. So, she took her place as a mission specialist onboard the space shuttle endeavour in 1992.  Now, her work on inclusion, education, and empowering underrepresented individuals cements her legacy.

As we celebrate the achievements of those who have paved the way, it’s equally important to look ahead and recognize those who will leave a reshape our understanding of the world and its possibilities. Among the bright prospects, keep an eye out for rising stars; Avye Couloute, Danielle Wood, Alia AlMansoori, Ayanna Howard and Meredith Whittaker.

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