13 Jan 2020

5 Greentech Companies & Creators You Need to Know About Now


We’ve all seen the headlines about global warming. But what actually is being done to save our planet? Here are 6 Greentech innovations you should definitely know about…

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1 . Recycled Bricks

Using local plastic, architect Rushabh Chheda designed building blocks. These can be stacked in various ways to create self-built, affordable housing. Through this project, Rushabh aims to integrate local waste recycling economies and the informal housing industry into a decentralised circular economy system. This will help solve the affordable housing crises and clean up the environment.

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2. The Ocean Cleanup

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic enter the oceans from rivers. This plastic isn’t going away by itself. So, solving ocean plastic pollution requires a combination of efforts. We need to stem the inflow and clean up what has already accumulated. The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, is developing advanced technologies to do that!

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3. Urban Curtains

London-based architecture office EcoLogicStudio uses algae photosynthesis to remove air pollution with this living curtain. This curtain rests over building facades.

The microalgae feeds on daylight and air, capturing carbon dioxide molecules and storing them within the curtain. At the same time, they produce oxygen and release it back into the surrounding air.

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4. Plastic made from Cactus Juice

One researcher from Mexico says she has a green solution — literally. Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, a chemical engineering professor, has developed a plastic made from cactus juice. While it’s still in the testing phase, this alternative has a few advantages over traditional petroleum-based plastics. Most importantly, it’s easily biodegradable.

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5. Shipping Container Farms

The startup Freight Farms develops shipping containers turned into self-contained farms. Customers can grow fresh products using LEDs and hydroponics in any environment 365 days a year! Their Leafy Green Machine hydroponic shipping container has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $85,000. It can also be controlled remotely, changing aspects of the farm such as humidity and temperature.


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