14 Feb 2022

10 Women In Engineering You Need To Know About


Within engineering, there are so many different careers paths to go down, it can be hard to know where to begin. These 10 women in engineering could help you find your path.

1. Laura Hoang


Laura is a trained Aerospace Design Engineer. This means that Laura handles the designing and testing of many different parts of an aeroplane. She has always loved working within the aerospace and aviation sectors! During her time she has contributed to several different projects – with her favourite being cockpit design.

Read more about Laura and her career here >>


2. Dr Treena Livingston Arinzeh



Treena’s physics teacher in high school encouraged her to pursue a STEM career. She then went to study for a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University. After this, she and studied for a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, and she completed her PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Dr Arinzeh here >>


3. Dr Rose Amal


Monash University

Rose was born in Medan, Indonesia. After finishing high school, she moved to Australia in October 1983. She completed a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Here, she specialised in Chemical Engineering. In 1991, she received her PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Read more about Dr Amal’s career here >>


4. Dr Ozak Esu


Great British Speakers

Dr Esu used to work for Cundall, a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy in Birmingham. She worked within the Building Services to undertake surveys of existing buildings and engineered electrical services for new builds, refurbishment and fit-out projects. This role involved designing the electrical services for buildings.

Learn more about Dr Esu’s career and achievements here >>


5. Dr Mareena Robinson Snowden


Walker’s Legacy

In 1945, The Manhattan Project took place resulting in the first atomic bomb. These bombs landed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Ever since, the production and usage of nuclear weaponry has raised ethical concerns.

Learn more about Dr Snowden here >>


6. Dr Bridgette Shannon


PBS LearningMedia

Dr Bridgette Shannon is a chemical engineer at 3M. She develops groundbreaking products at work stemming from her love of chemistry. At school, Bridgette loved the challenges chemistry class provided. Even though she was warned not to take chemistry at a higher level, she enjoyed mixing things together to create new compounds. She started attending STEM summer camps and programmes where she realised she wanted to focus on the medical sciences.

Learn more about Dr Shannon’s career here >>

7. Anne Pacros


European Space Agency

Anne studied engineering at a specialist Engineering school in France. Following this, she studied her Masters of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Anne is responsible for some of the scientific equipment onboard the Solar Orbiter. This requires her to combine all the knowledge she has to make sure the instruments onboard are safe and always in working condition.

Meet Anne and learn more about her career below >>

8. Angela Taylor



She pursued her dream for stardom whilst also studying a communications major at Northwestern college. It was here at college where she first heard about a summer internship at Google. She applied with the goal to earn and learn. Angela landed a role in the Corporate Communications team at Google. In 2011, Angela came across software engineering, little did she know she would find a new dream to pursue.

Read more about Angela’s career here >>

9. Alice Perry



Alice Jacqueline Perry was a poet, a feminist and the first woman in Europe to graduate with a degree in engineering. She was born in Galway coming from a family that had strong engineering traditions. Her father, James Perry, was County Surveyor in Galway West and, together with his brother, founded the Galway Electric Light Company.

Read more about Alice here >>

10. Jennie Harrison


Make sure you take part in the Royal Academy of Engineering project though – it will change your life for the better! Also, it’s a good idea to do work experience next summer, just to investigate and discount alternative career paths.

Read Jennie’s letter to her younger self here >>

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