14 Sep 2023

How Coding Is Changing the World: From Climate Change to Global Health


The world is transforming and technology lies at the heart of this transformation. With cutting-edge technologies, the possibilities for innovation and progress are endless. In fact, coding is becoming crucial to tackling some of the biggest challenges today.


Climate change

It’s no secret that climate change is a threat to our planet. But, coding is helping us to find innovative solutions like never before. With coding, we can create algorithms that optimise supply chains and track emissions. This will help companies track and reduce their carbon footprint. Hopefully, efforts like this will preserve the planet for future generations.



Similarly, coding is revolutionising the healthcare industry. With the help of AI and machine learning, we can now diagnose diseases faster. Not only has tech made this more efficient, but it has saved lives too!



The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how significant coding can be. During this time, it helped us to stop the virus from spreading. One example of this is contact-tracing apps which helped to notify people who might have come into contact with the virus. This helped identify outbreaks sooner, leading to more successful containment efforts.



At Insight, we’re proud to be part of a community pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with tech. Our recent Intelligent Technology Report shows that 82% of businesses know the importance of investing in digital transformation. This transformation is already underway, and we’re excited to see how it will continue to change the world.

The coding potential is immense, and we’re scratching the surface of what it can achieve. Whether predicting climate-related disasters or analysing medical images, coding is becoming a critical tool for tackling challenges are endless.

This article was written by Miranda Webb – Senior Adoption & Change Consultant, Digital Business Transformation at Insight. 

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