19 Jun 2023

How Do I Deal with Exam Stress?


Preparing for exams can be a bit overwhelming and exam stress can arise for many different reasons. Here are some practical steps to help you stay calm and relieve stress during your exams.


Eat healthy and Exercise

For your body to function properly it requires nutrients gained from the food you eat. The food you eat therefore affects how you feel both emotionally and physically. During stressful times it is crucial to eat food that supports your mental well-being and health. Exercising may be the last thing on your mind when you are highly stressed, but it will help you to feel more alert and better afterwards.


Become more Organised

To make it easier to get everything done on time it helps to write to-do lists and make a schedule for revision. Having a table with the subjects and topics you need to cover, as well as the exam dates will give you a clear visual of how much time you need to set aside for each topic. A daily routine that you can stick to will also help you feel more in control. Tackle tasks one at a time and work through your list and remember to set time in your schedule for breaks.


Accept and Ask for Support

It might be helpful to talk to a counsellor, teacher, or someone you trust when you feel overwhelmed. It is crucial to accept support and ask for assistance from your family and friends. Some examples of the support you can get are:

  • Help with managing your schedule
  • Taking you to the library or study groups
  • Preparing healthy meals for you


Reduce your phone usage

Studies show that the overuse of mobile phones has a negative impact on your mental health and can be a cause of stress. Reducing the time spent on social media will help to manage your stress levels. Avoid checking social media apps and scrolling through social feeds while studying.


 Make an Exam Day Plan

If you feel prepared on the day of the exam, you are likely to feel less stressed. It is important to get a good sleep the night before, eat a good breakfast and to be punctual and arrive at the exam location ahead of time. These simple steps will help in keeping you calm on the day of the exam.


It is important to remember that although things might seem tense at times, finding healthy strategies to deal with feelings of anxiety and exam stress can help you feel more in control and give you more confidence to achieve your goals.

This article was written by Samantha Nyikadzino, Electronics Design Engineer at the Applied Sciences Americas Cup team.

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