22 Apr 2024

Why Should I Consider a Career in Aerospace Engineering?

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What Is an Aerospace Engineer?

An aerospace engineer specialises in the vehicles and equipment in the air. They work in many areas including design, development, testing and maintenance. Usually, aerospace engineering is split into two areas- aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering.

  • Aeronautical engineers work with machines inside the earth’s atmosphere. This includes aircraft like aeroplanes and helicopters.
  • Astronautical engineers deal with machines outside our atmosphere, like rockets and spacecraft.


What Do Aerospace Engineers Do?

Aerospace engineers design, develop and test various flight and space technologies. They also create new designs and processes to improve and optimise air and space travel. Problem-solving is a key skill for aerospace engineers. Day to day, they will fix problems on aircraft and spend lots of time finding solutions.

Why Should You Become an Aerospace Engineer?

  • You like to innovate and develop new technologies. Aerospace engineers frequently design and test innovative new technologies used in aerospace research.
  • You like to see the real-world impacts of your work. Aerospace engineers create commercial air transport. This transport is enjoyed by folks around the world daily. Air transport helps people travel to see loved ones, explore the world and much more.
  • You’d like to work in a fast-growing industry. Aeronautics is a fast-growing industry in the commercial travel and military sectors. New steps and advancements within the industry are being made all the time, so there’s always a need for aerospace engineers.


Why Are More Women Needed in Aerospace Engineering?

In the aerospace engineering industry, there’s a large gap in the ratio of men to women. Engineers use their skills to confront and find solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. A world which thrives on diversity and needs different perspectives to survive.

Advice Engineering
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