Adriana is a Marine Ecologist at the University of Newcastle.

Who or what inspired you to take an interest in STEM?

I’ve been a curious person my whole life. ‘Why’ was one of my favourite questions when I was a child and I enjoyed reading books heaps. Additionally, I always loved to be near the sea, so becoming a Marine Ecologist just brings together everything I enjoy most in life! When I enrolled at the University I realised I could have a job that was fun and a pleasure for me to do, so it has never felt like a real job for me, it is just a way of having fun. There have been many role models during my career, and one of them was my undergraduate supervisor: Sheila Marques Pauls. Her passion for coral reefs and marine organisms was just contagious and inspired me to discover the fantastic world that lives under the sea!

Homeward Bound

Tell us a bit about Homeward Bound – which bit have you enjoyed/are you looking forward to the most?

I look forward to meet the amazing women that are taking part in the program and to the projects we are going to be working on together after the trip. I already know I have a strong and nice network of talented women in STEM I can count on that will be there holding my back whenever I need it, and that is just something incredible!

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What is a ‘typical’ work-day like for you?

My typical day starts with a cup of tea, then I usually have a good breakfast with my partner, after which I jump directly to work, either in the office or the field. None of my days are identical, every single day is different and that’s what I love about been a scientist! I usually spend some time of my day going through my to-do list that I’ve prepared the night before and read my emails. Some days I might spend the whole day reading new publications about corals or doing boring paperwork while others I might be diving in a beautiful reef.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given and who said it?

“Be happy doing what you love to do” I don’t remember who said this to me but I always try to follow it.

Do you have any new year resolutions? Have you broken any of them yet?!

Yes, I’m trying to be more efficient in what I do, being a bit more organised with what I commit to doing and with my time. Also, I’m trying to be less perfectionist.

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