Ever wondered ”what is data science and how can I get involved?” Don’t worry, Fatema has got you covered.

What is Data Science?

Thinking of the word data what might pop up in your mind is spreadsheets, bar charts, lots of statistics – hard work and seemingly bland. This is the complete opposite of what data science is about! Data Science is learning new things about the world by collecting and analyzing information of events that have taken place. It’s about using creative and innovative ways to help build, create and showcase meaningful observations about our surroundings.

In March 2016, Google’s artificial intelligence, AlphaGo, beat the world’s best Go player. Go is a complex Chinese game that has literally more possible moves than there are atoms in the known universe. Most recently self-driving cars are being introduced and this could only be possible through complex algorithms designed based on large amounts of data.

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Some big achievements have been made using data science and the scale is incomprehensible. Now you can see the wide range of applications in the world that have been explored and the exciting future that awaits. Data science is exploding around us, more and more businesses, governments, education facilities make decisions based on data.

Who is this for? 

The first thing to establish, we are all naturally Data Scientists. In your everyday life, you are observing the world around you and trying to make predictions for what will happen next. We are all doing calculations in our head without really thinking about it. 

Technology is everywhere so in every career you will be tackling data and working to understand it. If you want to work in detail with the latest technology and getting hands-on with data then jump on board.

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This piece was written by Stemette, Fatema.

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