Secondary Takeaway: Mental Health and Wellbeing

18 Minutes

Good mental health is the foundation of the rest of our personal and working lives, so make sure you take the time out to do what is best for you.

This menu includes:

  1. Stay Safe Online
  2. Conquering Failure Fears
  3. Learn From Mistakes
  4. Reduce Pressure
  5. Get Support


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Stay Safe Online

3 Minutes

This zine article covers the online world and how it is increasingly becoming part of our every day lives, including tips to make sure you are staying safe online.

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Conquering Failure Fears

3 Minutes

This zine article discusses how we all fail from time to time. Whilst you might want to never fail at anything, we think embracing failure can help us grow.

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A person looking confused | Stemettes Zine

Learn From Mistakes

3 Minutes

This zine article talks about the fact that mistakes can really get us down. It's ok to be making mistakes, it is about learning from mistakes that matters.

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A person sitting on a grey sofa in front of a microphone | Stemettes Zine

Reduce Pressure

3 Minutes

This zine article asks the question: Do you find that you put a lot of pressure on yourself? This can impact your mental in a way you didn't even realise.

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Two young people hugging | Stemettes Zine

Get Support

3 Minutes

This zine article provides you with further support on resources that can help you if you are struggling with your mental health.

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