12 Jan 2023

Advice From Ifeoma Uzoegwu



Ifeoma is a Senior Technical Programme Manager at Amazon Prime Video. This means she works with cross-functional teams to deliver features on the Prime Video app. She is also a winner of the 2021 TechWomen100 award! In her spare time, Ifeoma volunteers as a STEM ambassador, encouraging girls and young women into technology roles.

I’m going into the world of work- what steps do I need to take to find opportunities?

Entering the world of work, you use the knowledge from your formal education to deliver value to organisations. I would recommend looking out for internships, work placements and graduate job opportunities. To find these opportunities, use job search platforms such as LinkedIn to find roles that will match your skills and experience. Also, attend career fairs like the UK Careers Fair. This allows you to meet employers and learn about vacancies.


I want to learn a second/third coding language, which one should I learn to set myself apart from others?

This depends on what area of programming you enjoy (e.g. web development, mobile apps, gaming). Javascript is a cross-platform programming language that is quite popular. Also, Python is becoming popular, especially for Machine Learning. If you are looking to learn another language for employment purposes, I would recommend that you look for roles in companies that you are interested. Then, review the programming languages listed in the job description and use that as a benchmark to decide what to learn.


Do I need to study STEM to work in STEM?

Having a STEM degree gives you the foundation needed to excel in technical roles. But, this is not the only route! I would recommend that you learn more about careers in STEM to identify which role you are most passionate about. From here, evaluate your current skills to understand which skills are transferable and where the gaps are. Then, you can explore options to close the gaps through things like technical training and certifications. I would also recommend finding a mentor who has transitioned into STEM to learn from their journey.


What have you found has helped to calm panic nerves the most when presenting?

Public speaking is often the number 1 fear in the world above death, and many factors influence how you feel. For example, you may find it easier to present to a group you are familiar with than to people you do not know. o My tip is to practice a lot before your presentation to build your confidence, and learn more about best practices for presenting such as deep breathing, speaking slowly and using notes. According to Inc, practicing at least 10 times boosts your confidence, body language and helps you deliver a better presentation. I would also recommend that you consider opportunities to go to the stage before your presentation to familiarise yourself with the environment.

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