28 Apr 2022

How To Help Our Environment With Artificial Intelligence


Climate change is an issue for people worldwide, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help to save our environment.

Aiming for ‘safe’ AI is crucial to ensure that we are not developing AI that is harmful to the environment. The design of all programs needs the intention of environmental development and protection in mind. Having a sincere passion for the environment leads to safer, well-calculated outcomes.

With this, comes a great deal of responsibility. AI has the potential to speed up global efforts to protect the environment and conserve resources. This is through detecting energy emission reductions, CO2 removal, and developing greener transportation.


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AI is also becoming essential to information security. Keeping your data and network secure isn’t easy in today’s world. But, you can take a step towards being safer by adopting AI to strengthen your security infrastructure.

AI systems can be trained to run pattern recognition and detect even the smallest behaviours of malware before it enters your system. This predictive intelligence allows for a swifter analysis of data and more effective ways of tracking down cyber threats. Storing sensitive, valuable information means taking extra precautions to guarantee utmost security. AI can detect, identify and prevent any unusual activity, ensuring your data is safe and protected. AI has got you covered!

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Cyber Explorers

Stemettes, you must be responsible for how you use AI. Ensure it is developed transparently and most importantly, sustainably. Not only are you preparing for your own future, but you are helping the entire world!

The possibilities with AI are endless. It can:

  • Enhance the predictability of demand and supply for renewables
  • Improve energy storage, efficiency and load management
  • Analyse real-time data of events and disasters to seek out vulnerabilities and enhance disaster preparation
  • Enable the monitoring and management of environmental systems at a scale and speed never before possible
  • And so. Much. More.

We live in exciting, evolving times. It is now possible to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems with technologies such as AI.

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