27 Jan 2020

All About Electrical Engineering


What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and components. They’re involved in the whole engineering process, from concept to handover.

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Where can I study Electrical Engineering?

When choosing a course, check your course is accredited by a professional body like the IET. This can help you become an incorporated engineer (IEng) or chartered engineer (CEng). 

Who is an Electrical Engineer?

Dr Ozak Esu is an example of an electrical engineer. She is one of the Top 50 women in Engineering Under 35! Also, there is Sadia Maqsood. Sadia is an electrical engineer who uses her skills to reduce climate change damage.


Why choose Electrical Engineering?

There are many different areas within electrical engineering, including:

  • power and renewable energy
  • manufacturing and industrial production
  • construction and building services
  • transport organisations
  • engineering and consultancy firms
  • petrochemical industries
  • research and development companies in the defence-related industries.

Now you know about what an electrical engineer does, do you think this could be the career for you?

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