4 Nov 2019

How Do You Find the Perfect School & Life Balance?

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Camille Medina
Finding the time to switch off in the evenings or at the weekends is important for us all. We asked the Stemette Society members:
How do you find time for some me-time? Here are some of their responses…

Digital cleaning sounds overrated but it is one of the best things to relax and really focus on yourself. Changing the environment you are in is also helpful to forget all the worries you have. Maybe through exploring new places, you may find a new place to hang in.
– Ayushi

Self-care Sunday!! I always try to take Sunday to be a chill day, face masks, hair masks, tea and all! You need to give yourself a couple of hours one day a week just to relax and switch off from the world. I’ve also recently gotten into doing puzzles, this makes me not stare at my phone for hours but also keeps my mind engaged in a different way. 
– Kriti

Find like a chick flick movie, some snacks and a mug of green tea/fruit tea. Do a face mask anything really to take care of yourself and just relax. Turn your phone off to minimise distractions and just enjoy some time alone or invite some good friends around and have a pizza. That’s how I end a stressful week at school.
– Rachael

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Personally, I do sports to ‘de-stress’ and get some me-time. It allows me to forget about life, school and work and to just enjoy myself in the company of my friends.
– Adedoyin

This is a daily struggle for me as I am currently battling work during the day and then study in the evenings. So weekends are very important for free time which mostly includes baking and reading. 
– Damilola

This article has been written by members of Stemette Society.

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