8 Apr 2024

How Is Technology Changing the World of Art?

STEAM Technology

Technology and art might seem like two completely different fields. However, there are many ways that technology is revolutionizing the world of art. This means we have to think about what it means to create, share, and experience art. Find out more below…


Digital Art and Multimedia Installations

Forget art being just about paintbrushes and canvases. Technology means that digital art can happen in so many ways. Artists can use computer software, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to create art. This means that art can be more than one picture on a wall, and multimedia installations can be 360!


Online Platforms and Social Media

The internet has drastically changed how we share art. Before, it may have been hard to see different artists unless their work was displayed close by, or you saw it in a book. Now, you can see art from around the world with Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and more!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI technologies are influencing art creation, from creating visual art to composing music. The way AI works means it generates art from thousands of previous pieces. This leads us to question who actually owns the artwork if it was created by AI?


3D Printing and Sculpture

Artists use 3D printing technologies to create intricate sculptures and three-dimensional artworks. This is a change from traditional sculptures, which were made of marble and stone.


Art Conservation and Restoration

The use of technology isn’t just about discovering new art, it’s about uncovering old art too! Technology is important in conserving and restoring artworks that have been damaged over time. With techniques like multispectral imaging and 3D scanning, conservators can study and preserve the art. This means future generations can see it too.

Because technology is always evolving, the art world will too! How do you think the boundaries of art will be pushed next?

STEAM Technology
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