8 Mar 2021

Meet Grace Hopper

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Early Life

When Grace was young, she found inspiration from those closest to her. She was inspired by her grandfather, US Navy Admiral during the Civil War. She also found inspiration in her mother, who was a mathematician.

This wasn’t her only source of inspiration though, she also loved the everyday world. At age 8 she had dismantled all her family’s alarm clocks to figure out how they worked!

Grace’s Education

Grace studied mathematics and gained her PhD in Mathematics from Yale University. This is something she was proud of, especially as she was rejected from her college during the admissions process.

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Grace’s Career

After graduating, she taught Mathematics at her former college. However, she decided instead to join the army during World War II before being rejected due to her age. Never one to be defeated, she enlisted herself in the Navy Reserves where she became a lieutenant assigned to a computation project at Harvard University working on Mark I (the first large scale calculator which paved the way for computers). During this time she also worked on a linker (Also Known As a Compiler) as she believed computer programs could be written in English, as well as many other things such as writing the first ever computer manual and coining the term ‘bug’.

Her compiler went on to do great things, such as paving the way for the first computer programming languages such as COBOL. She made sure others would use this language and it quickly became widely used- as well as providing the basis for the programming we use today.

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