6 Apr 2022

Meet Nadine Gabriel

Chemistry Physics

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Nadine thought she wanted to be a lawyer until she studied geography at secondary school. The course opened up to her the world of rocks. Geology is so exciting to Nadine as it encompasses all aspects of science, biology, chemistry and physics.

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Nadine graduated with a Masters in Geology from University College London (UCL). During this degree, she discovered how much she loved learning about the processes that occur underneath the Earths crust and how these lead to environmental changes. Nadine was also able to explore landscapes and visit different countries during this course too, this made her fall in love with the subject even more.

‘I enjoyed fieldwork the most… My peers and I were lucky enough to travel to Italy, Spain, Germany and Scotland, and explore the rocks in the region. It was a real experience, digging up pieces of history and translating them into a geological map.’
Natural History Museum


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During Nadine’s degree at UCL, she worked as a Collections Assistant. This allowed her to get up close to rocks, minerals and fossils in the Earth Sciences Collections.


Following her degree, Nadine volunteered in the Fossil Mammal collection and did an internship at the Natural History Museum.

In 2019, Nadine became an Assistant Curator of Fossil Mammals at the Natural History Museum. This means her day to day job involves documenting the collections, providing access to specimens for researchers and PhD students, and participating in outreach activities.

Nadine advises aspiring geologists to…

actively connect with other people. Don’t be afraid to make contacts, ask for advice and build a support network.’

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Last updated April 2022.

Chemistry Physics
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