21 Jun 2022

Meet Tiera Fletcher


Growing Up

Tiera was born in the greater Atlanta area in Georgia. Growing up, she had aspirations of being a scientist, an inventor, an architect, a mathematician and many other STEM careers. Her parents cultivated her interest and attraction to math and science began at the age of 6. Her parents encouraged her to calculate things and measure things in her daily life. At 11, Tiera zeroed in on her interest in Aerospace engineering while participating in an aerospace programme. Tiera went on to study aerospace in college at MIT.

Tiera Fletcher with rocket | Stemettes Zine
MIT Alumni Association

Tiera’s Career

Tiera was offered a job at Boeing as a Structural Analysis Engineer. At Boeing, she is one of the lead engineers and designers working on the Space Launch System for NASA. This shuttle aims to put humans on Mars and allow them to explore deep space. The Space Launch System is the fastest rocket ever created and the largest. The area that Tiera works on is the exploratory upper stage of the spacecraft. This helps the craft complete its ascent phase back to Earth. She is the youngest member of the Engine Section Task Leading team responsible for this. As a structural analysis engineer, she has to perform calculations to verify the strength and durability of parts for the Space Launch System.

Awards & Legacy

On November 8 2018, Fletcher won the Most Promising Engineer – Industry Award at the 2019 Black Engineer of the Year Awards.

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