7 Apr 2022

The Key Skills Need For Cyber Security Careers

Cyber Security

Lookout is responsible for keeping our phones safe. Lookout started as a phone security company and now works to protect mobile and cloud technology for people and companies around the world. They make sure people can work remotely or from home securely too.

2 Cyber Security experts at Lookout have shared their advice about how to get into these careers and the key skills you will need to be successful in this field…

Victoria Mosby

Victoria is a Federal Sales Engineer at Lookout and joined the company in 2018. She has a dual Bachelors in Cyber Security and Computer Network Security and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Cyber Forensics from Stevenson University.

In the video, Victoria suggests that companies hiring for cyber security roles are usually understaffed. This means you will end up covering other roles whilst doing your cyber role. This can work to your advantage as it will allow you to explore other areas of the company and you could find your next career path.

Volunteer to your cyber security department and ask them if they need help or if you can shadow them. This can give you a flavour of what the career is like. This will also give you the opportunity to build relationships with the cyber team. You will also be able to build your knowledge in cyber without having to apply for another job or pay for a course.

Kristina Balaam

Kristina Balaam is a Senior Threat Researcher at Lookout. Before Lookout, she worked as an Application Security Engineer at Shopify focusing mostly on Android mobile security. Kristina graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from McGill University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a Masters in Information Security Engineering from the SANS Institute of Technology.

Kristina highlights problem-solving and sticking with the problem are really important in cyber security careers. Cyber security experts are looking at problems where you have to follow every last little step. Similar skills are needed for software engineering too, sometimes only a small comma can cause your software to malfunction.

Kristin says the 3 main skills for cyber security roles are…

  • Persistence
  • Problem-solving
  • Patience

If you are interested in Cyber Security, join the Day of Shecurity.
A free-to-attend, interactive, one-day conference that was originally launched in 2017 at Lookout headquarters in San Francisco for women in technology interested in cybersecurity. The 7th Day of Shecurity (DoS) conference will be held virtually on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, and you can attend for free >>

Cyber Security
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