19 Apr 2021

Security On A Large Scale

Cyber Security

Because security is so broad, it is difficult for large organisations to decide which of all of the security practices that they should be using. There are some security practices that should be considered, especially for those who are working with sensitive data such as card information. These include:

  • Carrying out risk assessments to figure out the answer to certain scenarios such as: What is the likelihood of an attack? If they try to attack, will they get through? If they attack, what will this cost me?
  • Putting security policies into place for the individuals in the organisations. This could be making the employees update their password every 30 days and running antimalware over every device in the company.
  • Putting physical security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access into the building, or implementing swipe badges for printers.
  • Putting human resource security measures into place to give an organisation a better understanding of who is working for them.
  • Carrying out backups and testing backups to prevent ransomware attacks that may occur.
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An important thing to consider when thinking about security in a company is how educated your staff are. For example, there is no use making employees update their password every 30 days if they use a weak password or they write their password down on a sticky note which they leave on their desk. So, as well as security policy, you need to educate the users on how they can protect themselves in the business. This could be a course to help them identify fraudulent emails, create secure passwords, and manage the data they put out online.

Cybercriminals will often carry out a specific sequence of events known as a cyber kill chain. We can analyse these steps and put devices in place to stop them from progressing through the chain. To conclude, even though security can be complicated for large businesses, it is useful to ensure data is secure and cost losses are minimal.

Cyber Security
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