2 Nov 2020

How a Physics Degree Prepares You to Build Your Own Company

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When we think about Science, what comes into most people’s heads is working in a laboratory. Science is a very rewarding career choice, but Science is a broad area with many potential avenues which may be of interest to you. 


My first piece of advice would be to do some research into the areas which sound like potential options and try to find people who are in these jobs (a nicely written LinkedIn message may do the trick).

Ask questions about the job, what is day-to-day life like, this should give you a good idea as to whether it’s something you can see yourself doing in the future.

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Get Experience

My final piece of advice would be to get experience! The only way to find out whether this is a career for you. The experience will also make your CV stand out amongst other applicants giving you an advantage when applying for future jobs. Finding work experience or placements can be difficult to find at first, but try reaching out to companies (both big and small), and connecting with groups such as Stemettes for further advice.

This article was written by Chantelle Bell, Co-Founder of Syrona Women, and supported by CMS.
You can follow up with Chanetelle on LinkedIn here.


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