After a tool to help you analyse, understand and visualise data? Well, you're in the right place

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a free online tool to help you analyse and visualise data. As a company, they are on a mission to help people see data, understand data and to solve problems. Tableau makes data easy, fast and beautiful.

In 2020, the world will generate 50 times as much data as in 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources (IDC, 2011). Within this data are huge opportunities for human advancement. But to turn opportunities into reality, people need the power of data at their fingertips. Tableau is building software to deliver exactly that.


Read more about Tableau and how the company began here

Why should I try Tableau?

In class, go the extra mile for homework and coursework by analysing your data with Tableau. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you’ll analyse and present with ease.

Tableau is an in-demand skill in the workplace. Many courses require analytical skills to be competitive in today’s job market. Showcase your Tableau skills at your internship or job.


Get Started

Check out what Tableau has to offer here.

Take a look at their learning resources to get the most out of Tableau or watch Tableau’s Training videos instead.

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