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I've learnt how important women are as part of STEM. I also learnt that women can be powerful in STEM
- Belfast attendee

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This is what's up next. Please note that all events are free, unless otherwise indicated. Looking for more events to attend? Download our OtotheB app for event listings of related events across the UK.

22 Jun - Stemettes @ Inspirefest - Dublin

We'll be joining our partners Deutsche Bank on stage at Inspirefest, to celebrate 3 years of our Student to Stemette programme. Tickets available here

23 Jun - Hackathon - South London

We've teamed up with the Oracle Academy to host a one-day hackathon in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day 2018. Join us to get creative with Alice. Registration.

8 - 9 August - Hackathon - Leeds

We'll heading to Leeds for two days of making and creating with our friends UST Global during the Summer break. Join us to get hacking! For ages 5 - 21 years old. Registration not yet open.

22 - 23 August - Hackathon - East London

We're returning to Rise London to host a two-day hackathon to celebrate the end of term. Join us to get creative. Registration not yet open.

25 Sep - Panel - London

We're teaming up with CloudNC and Entrepreneur First to host a panel event for 16 - 21 year olds in the evening. Registration now open.

1 Sep - AlGirlRhythm - Glasgow

We'll be hosting a bonanza day of creativity, live music and technology - bringing together hundreds of young women to feel technically empowered, with our friends GoThinkBig. Aimed at 16-24 years old, you'll et to meet people from across the Music Industry, Technology Industry, Engineering and also MusicTech, with the opportunity to get mentoring and funding on 9th September. Registration not yet open.

13 Oct - Panel - London

We're back to LGIM's London offices for a panel event to inspire 9 - 13 year olds. Meet some awesome women in STEM, eat some fab food and have lots of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Here's what happened last timeRegistration not yet open. 

20 - 21 Oct - Hackathon - London

Join us at Bank of America Merrill Lynch's offices for 'How AI Machines Work' - a look at robots, artificial intelligence and voice assistants. You'll get to build your own and get creative with others. Registration not yet open.

Oct - MonsterConfidence 2018 - Several Locations

MonsterConfidence returns and this year it's bigger than ever. 5 locations, including a European one will get an Autumn confidence boost thanks to jobsite Monster. For previous years, see

TBC 2018 - Hackathon events - Aldershot, Chorley, Glasgow, Newcastle
We're teaming up with a northern Technology company to run 4 coding events across the country. Dates to be confirmed. Registration not yet open - join our mailing list to be the first to know. 
TBC 2018 - Panel events - Leeds & London

We're joining up with NHS Digital to host our 'Meet the Stemettes' series for young women and ethnic minorities.

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