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More than 50,000 young people have attended Stemette events since February 2013, across the UK, Ireland & Europe. We’ll partner with you to inspire the next generation, starting at age 5. All that’s needed is a combination of time, space and funds.

Two Stemettes attendees talking to eachother and holding a drink.


Fund an event near you, donate to Stemette Futures, or fund our Zine platform.

A room of Stemette School Students working on laptops.


Partner with an existing sponsor and provide AV, Wifi & food.

A room of Stemettes sitting opposite eachother and talking.


Coordinate, mentor, network or Hhst as part of our existing programmes of work.

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A girl in STEM with three volunteers are smiling at the camera, with the two middle people holding prizes.

Impactful Events

Our shorter interventions. These include company visits, hands-on sessions and school trips. They help young people feel better connected to peers. They also help them understand their career options.

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Inspirational Content

Get inspired! Our social media, Zine and closed social network are here. They offer round-the-clock support, advice and much more. Available globally, 24/7.

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Find Out More @ Our Stemettes Lunch and Learns

Held in February, June and October each year, to celebrate significant days in the women in STEAM calendar. Look at recent progress and share ways to get involved in our work.

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Donate to Stemette Futures

Stemette Futures work alongside nonprofit Stemettes to inspire, support and encourage girls, young women and non-binary young people into technical fields. Across our programmes, events and platforms we’re showing that STEAM is for all, in a free, fun-filled & food-filled way.

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