We'll partner with you to inspire the next generation, starting at age 5

All that's needed is a combination of time, space and funds.


Fund an event near you, scale a national programme, donate to Stemette Futures or fund our Zine content platform.


Partner with an existing sponsor and provide AV, Wifi & Food (at a minimum).


Co-ordinate, Mentor, Network or Host as part of our existing programmes of work. Options here »

"Partnering with a fantastic organisation like Stemettes gives us the opportunity to show young females, as they start out on their career path, that anything is possible and with a bit of help and confidence they can realise their huge potential."

- Monster.co.uk, existing partner

Intersectional Programmes

Longer interventions like mentoring, qualification academies and STEM clubs that keep a diversity of young people engaged with STEM, role models and opportunities for their first career steps.

Impactful Events

Shorter interventions like company visits, hands-on sessions (including hackathons), and school trips which help young people feel better connected to peers & role models in STEM, better understand their career options and boost confidence.

Inspirational Content

Platforms like our social media channels, Stemettes Zine and closed social network which offer round the clock support, advice, profiles and much more to young people around the world, their parents, teachers and other influencers.