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We’re a small organisation with growing reach and sometimes a growing team. From time to time there are opportunities for freelancers, contractors, and full-timers to come on board and join us to provide a greater provision of the unique things we do.

Team Stemette wear party hats and pose in front of a large staircase.

Stemettes runs several intersectional cohort programmes, impactful events, and inspirational content platforms to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) related careers to girls, young women and non-binary young people. We enable young people, their parents and other influencers to see the possibilities and make an informed decision about STEAM careers – in a bid to boost the number of women in the UK’s STEAM workforce.

We have supporters in the UK Government, industry employers (such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and fellow STEAM outreach organisations. We’ve been featured in Forbes, the BBC, the Guardian, the Observer, the Times and the Huffington Post. Since our inception in February 2013, we have given more than 60,000 young people across the UK and Europe positive experiences with STEAM.

Our ethos is…

  1. The girls & young people come first
  2. We favour ‘hot’* interactions
  3. Everyone on the team needs to be a ‘doer’
  4. We don’t do boring – we have fun
  5. A belief that the STEM diversity problem is pretty serious and has huge implications

*hot’ as defined in the King’s College London ASPIRES report.

Our Current Roles

Why Work for Us?
We're a diverse and inclusive team that respect each other, support each other and work hard to build each other up
We work flexibly and have several members of the team who work remotely across the UK
We pay above the Living Wage
We match Pension Contributions up to 8% for employees
We have enhanced Parental Pay & Leave policies
We're one of the first companies in the UK to have a Menstrual Leave Policy
You'll get access to Headspace, Reward Me Now and a host of other benefits, as well as copious amounts of free food
We have scheduled Buddy time each week, as well as Stemettes Team Social Time
During the lockdowns each employees gets 1 Pandemic Wellbeing Day Off for every 10 days worked
How Stemettes are committing to be a Role Model Employer
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