We're a small organisation with growing reach and sometimes a growing team. From time to time there are opportunities for freelancers, contractors and possibly full-timers to come on board and help us towards a greater provision of the unique things we do. Check out what we're looking for at the moment below. All enquiries to jobs@stemettes.org

Stemettes runs a number of cohort programmes, public events, and inspirational content platforms to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related careers to girls and nonbinary young people, using a network of women and others working in the STEM industry. We enable girls, their parents and other influencers to see the possibilities and make an informed decision about STEM careers - in a bid to boost the number of women in the UK’s STEM workforce.

We have supporters in the UK Government & EU Commission, industry employers (such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Telefonica/O2, Centrica and Deutsche Bank) and fellow STEM outreach organisations. We've been featured in Forbes, the BBC, the Guardian, the Observer, the Times and the Huffington Post. Since our inception in February 2013, we have given almost 45,000 young people across the UK and Europe positive experiences with STEM.

Apply for the relevant position by sending a CV and cover letter to jobs@stemettes.org, answering any questions detailed below.


Recruitment for this role has been paused as we shift to a new normal. We'll review this again in September 2020.

About the ‘Workshop Stemette’ role

We are looking for freelancers to work on our ‘Stemettes & Schools’ programme as workshop facilitators. We are growing very quickly and require people to run day-long experiences for girls, guardians and women in STEM to work on challenges and share knowledge about STEM careers. Workshop Stemettes will be a part of a team of freelancers and volunteers. Stemettes is an exciting, disruptive young organisation with a supportive and passionate Board of Directors and strong aim to change mindsets and social norms for girls and STEM. As a result we are seeking someone with an equally high degree of passion and pro-activity. Stemettes regularly has the opportunity to interact with industry leaders, influencers and media around the world and where necessary Workshop Stemettes will have the opportunity to participate in these interactions.
  • Facilitating ‘Stemettes & Schools’ sessions at our STEM industry partners
  • Impact measurement on the ‘Stemettes & Schools’ programme
  • Occasional Curriculum, Playbook and Training creation for our ‘Stemettes & Schools’ workshops
  • General administration & facilitation for our ‘Stemettes & Schools’ workshops
  • Support the Stemettes commitment to giving girls great STEM experiences and helping them make informed career decisions.
  • outgoing persona to inspire, encourage and include young participants
  • understanding of the STEM industry
  • confidence with social media
  • strong work ethic
  • demonstrable ability to multi-task
  • strong interpersonal skills to communicate with under engaged girls
You will report to Head Stemette and may work alongside volunteers who participate on the ‘Stemettes & Schools’ programme. You will not directly manage other staff members but will ensure that the necessities for the S&S programme are met and understood by all members across the team. We will pay a fixed rate per day plus expenses with successful candidates. Dates will be pre-agreed and Workshop Stemettes will be given a minimum of 2 weeks notice ahead of running workshops. The overall contract will be in line with experience and capabilities, reflecting Stemettes not-for-profit status and expectations from our partners. You will be mostly mobile. Expect an average of 2 workshops a month.

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'hot' as defined in the Kings College London ASPIRES report.