As our army of volunteers has grown, we’ve had to grow a team, to help stay on top of things. If you’d like to join us, check out our current list of roles.

Team Steemette Anne-Marie smiling and posing.

Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

Head Stemette,

Team Stemette Yasmin Smiling and posing.

Yasmin Lodhi

Operations Stemette,

Team Stemette Charlotte Smiling and Posing.

Charlotte Pascual

Investment Stemette,

Team Stemette Amy smiling and posing

Amy Towler

Event Stemette,
Event Co-ordinator

Team Stemette Andrew posing

Andrew Westoby

Marketing Stemette,
Marketing Manager

Team Stemette Angel smiling and posing.

Angel Pooler

Web Stemette,
Content Creator

Team Stemette Debbie smiling and posing.

Debbie Jelenke

Customer Experience Stemette,
Attendee Co-ordinator

Stemettes event

Emily Jeffrey

Cohort Stemette,
Schools Officer

Team Stemette Julia smiling and posing.

Julia Piekarczyk

Partnerships Stemette,
Partnerships Manager

Team Stemette Kat smiling and posing.

Kat Clark

Outreach Stemette,
Volunteering Manager

Team Stemette Lucy Smiling and posing.

Lucy Cox

Community Stemette,
Community Manager

Team Stemette Noelle smiling and posing.

Noelle Wu

Connection Stemette,
Partnership officer

GIF of Team Stemette Polly smiling and posing.

Polly Denny

Mentoring Co-ordinator,
Mentoring Executive

Team Stemette Richard smiling and posing.

Richard Salmon

Ambition Stemette,

Team Stemette Sara smiling and posing.

Sara Osaya

Social Stemette,
Mentoring Executive

GIF of TeamStemette Sarah smiling and posing.

Sarah Laptain

Core Stemette,
Operations Executive

Team Stemette Sarah smiling and posing.

Sarah Mehrali

PR Stemette,
PR Officer

GIF of Team Stemette Steph smiling and posing.

Steph Mitchell

Mentoring Stemette,
Mentoring Co-ordinator

Stemettes event

Tanikka Baylis

Reporting Stemette
Impact Reporting Officer

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