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  • Forbes

    ...draws on all these sorts of activities to combine campaigning for greater participation for women in science with practical assistance. Through a mixture of exhibitions, panel events and “hackathons”, where participants have the opportunity to create things using technology, the aim is bring science and technology alive in a way that will inspire girls and women to take it up as a career.

  • The Guardian

    The gender pay gap has narrowed by almost 10% since measurement began in 1997, but it’s plateaued during the past few years. Efforts to reduce it have long focused on the need to encourage more women into generally higher-paid Stem careers, where they make up just 14.4% of the workforce.

  • IT Pro

    "The problem in the tech sector is that many companies are not utilising the widest pool of talent available and may be unintentionally discriminating against women. Hence they reinforce sector stereotypes, especially at higher levels within a company, by promoting or employing a predominantly white male leadership team."

  • The Guardian

    “We eat Haribos, we play Justin Bieber, and we have fun. I want girls to feel as comfortable as possible. It’s enjoyable and relaxed and we do it under the guidance of female coders. We’re in a nice environment, not a dark basement. It gives female coders the chance to experience what it is to build a mobile app or a website, to create something using some kind of Stem knowledge.”

  • Chronicle Live

    The cream of the region’s tech talent has been celebrated at the North East and Technology Awards, the BT Dynamites 16. Held in Newcastle Civic Centre’s Banqueting Hall, more than 350 people came together for the hotly-contested awards, which was hosted by north-east TV actor Daymon Britton and organised by Dynamo, an IT industry-led initiative focused on growing the region’s tech sector.