The Stemettes Associates

Join the latest mentoring programme from Stemettes, focussing on the Aviation*, Cyber and Engineering industries.

We’re providing 15 to 25-year-olds from across 3 UK regions with a package of mentoring and skills support for their fledgling careers.

Running from September 2021.

Testimonials from 2020 Cohort

It is reassuring to know that it’s fine to try things out and have a go, and not be scared to move on. My mentor encouraged me to look for alternative routes, and I have been offered my own degree apprenticeship


Mentee, 18, North East England

Watching [my mentee] grow in confidence from session 1 to session 8 has been amazing. It has reminded me how quickly you can develop as a person in a short space of time with the right support in place.

Engineering Mentor

I enjoyed the mentoring programme as it helped me gain confidence and also helped me with expanding my job options and knowledge on STEM

Mentee, 17, Northern Ireland

I have had opportunities to share the skills I have learnt at university and work such as interview skills/tips, networking and general professionalism. This programme has been an opportunity for myself to reflect on my own skills and share these with passionate women interested in entering the industry. I have also gained new insights from my mentee and what she hopes to bring to the industry in the future.

Engineering Mentor

*Aviation includes aerospace, and anything in the air.

This initiative is part of DfT’s Reach for the Sky Programme.