We're inviting young women and nonbinary people from across 3 UK regions to gain a career boost into the Aviation, Cyber and Engineering fields.

Northern Ireland

Derry, Belfast, Armagh, Lisburn, Newry and all areas within Northern Ireland.

the North East

Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, North Yorkshire and Tees Valley area.  Including Middlesbrough, Redcar, Cleveland, Sunderland, Durham and surrounding areas.

East England

Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk. This includes cities like Norwich, Cambridge and Peterborough, the town of Ipswich and surrounding areas.

If you do not live in any of these areas, then you can join our wider STEM more-than-mentoring programme by emailing Sherpa Stemette Yasmin.

2 month Skills Season with Bootcamps

Specifically for young people from 3 regions

1-on-1 time with women wanting to guide you

4 month virtual Mentoring Season

Secure safe online environment for support

Chance to attend an Aviation event as a VIP

Chance to gain an industry-standard Cyber qualification

Access to a closed group in the Stemette Society

Programme Timeline

May: Registration opens
June: Introduction calls with the Stemettes and then Associate online training
July: Mentor Matching event, first Mentoring hours
August: Mentoring hours, Monthly check-in event
September: Mentoring hours, Mid programme networking event
October: Mentoring hours, Monthly check-in event
November: final Mentoring hours
December: Aviation Competition opens, select your Bootcamp

January: First Associates Bootcamp
February: Second Associates Bootcamp
March: Associates Graduation event

Registration closes on 29 June 2020. We'll take a look at your form and then will organise a call to talk about your next steps.

A note for Parents, Guardians and Teachers

We take the safety of our community and young people very seriously. This programme will ensure safety and safeguarding throughout - via the use of training, DBS checks and a locked secure online platform. Our safeguarding policy is available online. We want our young people to be safe at all times, so this programme will be heavily supervised by our team.

We also take inclusion very seriously, so will be providing the necessary materials for any young people who do not have regular access to a device connected to the internet. We want all sorts of young people to be able to build careers in STEM, no matter the resources they have at home.