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So You’d Like a Flying Start to Your Career?

We’re supporting young women and young non-binary people in finding out more about the Aviation, Cyber and Engineering fields..

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It Doesn’t Matter If...

You are unsure about whether these 3 industries are for you
You don't have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or regular internet access
You live in a very rural area
You don't have the most amazing grades

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You Only Need...

A good attitude towards learning from others
An interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths
To make sure you dedicate time to the programme

A Note on Safeguarding

We take the safety of our community and young people very seriously. This programme will ensure safety and safeguarding throughout - via the use of training, DBS checks and a locked secure online platform. Our safeguarding policy is available online. We want our young people to be safe at all times, so this programme will be heavily supervised by our team.

We also take inclusion very seriously, so will be providing the necessary materials for any young people who do not have regular access to a device connected to the internet. We want all sorts of young people to be able to build careers in STEM, no matter the resources they have at home.

It is reassuring to know that it’s fine to try things out and have a go, and not be scared to move on. My mentor encouraged me to look for alternative routes, and I have been offered my own degree apprenticeship

Associates Mentee, 18, North East England
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