We're inviting women from across Aviation, Cyber and Engineering roles to mentor the next generation.

Online Training and Enhanced DBS check provided

All programme volunteering carried out virtually

16 hours across 4 months between July & November 2020

Regular check-ins with Stemettes programme managers

Matching event in July 2020; Graduation event in March 2021

Monthly networking opportunities with other mentors

Mentees across the North East, East England and Northern Ireland

Mentor resource packs to support impactful conversations

Programme Timeline

May: Recruitment opens
June: Interviews, Onboarding, Training and DBS checking
July: Mentor Matching event, first Mentoring hours
August: Mentoring hours, Monthly check-in event
September: Mentoring hours, Monthly check-in event
October: Mentoring hours, Monthly check-in event
November: final Mentoring hours

March: Graduation event

View the form questions in advance here

1. My career is linked to aviation, cyber and/or engineering (Yes/No)
2. Tell us about you...
3. Which area/s do you have experience in:
4. Have you used Microsoft Teams before?
5. What is your current role? Briefly tell us what it involves?
6. Please put these traits in order of importance for a mentor. Most important at the top and least at the bottom.
7. How many years have you been working?
8. What other roles, relevant to STEM, have you held in the past?
9. Agree or disagree: A mentorship is a one-way very formal relationship
10. Agree or disagree: I work well with uncertainty
11. Agree or disagree: I have worked with young people (unrelated to me) before
12. Agree or disagree: I have participated in more than one virtual networking event during Lockdown
13. How much previous mentoring experience do you have?
14. How much previous sponsoring experience do you have?
15. Which subjects did you study? Please list
16. What skills do you hope to pass on to your Associate (Stemette Mentee)?
17. What are you looking for in an Associate?
18. Why do you want to be a mentor with us?
19. By completing this form you confirm that you are a woman or a non-binary person and agree to volunteer 1-hour per week on this programme.
20. Please confirm you are happy to provide mentorship via video calls on Microsoft Teams
21.  Please confirm you are happy an Enhanced DBS Check to take place.

After the mentoring season, Stemettes Associates will attend bootcamps and be able to apply to attend an Aviation event as VIPs.