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Stemettes Turns 10!

Did you hear? Stemettes are turning 10 years old!

Stemettes turns 10 on the 12th of February 2023. To celebrate this milestone, we will be running a series of free events throughout the year and publishing regular celebratory content for you.

Read our blog post dedicated to the significance of our Waterloo Bridge event.

Join us on Waterloo Bridge

Join us on Monday 13th February to walk over Waterloo Bridge — the ‘Ladies’ Bridge’ —and enjoy some food with others to highlight the lack of women in STEM role models on the curriculum.

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Our free festivals will be interactive, hybrid, fully immersive and for families, to celebrate 10 years of Stemettes. There will be STEAM activities for all ages, a chance to meet and hear from role models, challenges and chances to win exclusive prizes. Find out the closest one to you below.

Roundtable Discussions

Stemettes will be hosting three roundtables across the country in 2023, all following the topic of Diversity & Inclusion in the GCSE/A Level Curriculums and Ensuring Women in STEM Are rightfully represented. Each roundtable discussion will be suited to a different audience.

Donate to Stemette Futures

Stemette Futures work alongside nonprofit Stemettes to inspire, support and encourage girls, young women and non-binary young people into technical fields. Across our programmes, events and platforms we’re showing that STEAM is for all, in a free, fun-filled & food-filled way.

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