As part of our response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Stemettes is running 12 weeks of online events for our community and the wider public. The full timetable is up on our website and is being updated as we pull the schedule together. Bookmark the page and keep checking back so you don’t miss out. We’re also sending an email out every Friday to let you know what’s happening the following week – sign up for updates here.

Week 13 was Michelle Willis week!

This Monday, 50 attendees tuned in to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on the inspiring Head of Technology Operations at Vodafone, Michelle Willis. Core Stemette Jazmin introduced this weeks role model, the girls were very excited to meet Michelle and learn about Vodafone. As this was our last Meal Plan in the STEM Mode In series, we packed in as many activities as possible. First, the attendees got to meet Michelle and ask her questions about what it is like to work at Vodafone and about her extensive career in technology. We then played a game of technology-themed Bingo, we used terms such as Firewall, Broadband and LAN, the girls learned the definitions of these specialist terms and then Jazmin called out the definitions for a game of virtual Bingo! We then gave the girls 2 minutes to run around the house and write down everything that was connected to the internet, we had numbers from 5 right up to 49! We discussed what a world without Broadband connection would be like with Michelle and emphasised how important (and cool) her job is. It was very sad saying goodbye at the end of the session, we can’t wait to run more programmes like this one in the future!

When we asked the attendees what they enjoyed most about the session they said:

“I enjoyed playing BINGO with my brother and my mum even though we did not win, altogether it was really fun!”

“Learning about the opportunities for girls at Vodafone was great. It has given me career inspiration!”

“I really enjoyed socialising, during this difficult time it’s really nice to see other people and talk to others as well as still learning.”

On Wednesday, 70 attendees joined Event Stemette Charlotte as she hosted role models Natalie and Charlotte from Vodafone to lead a session on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Chatbots. The role models introduced the attendees to the different components of AI and Machine Learning. They taught the girls specialist terms and definitions and the girls got to create their own Chatbot personas! The attendees learned about the role that these technologies play at Vodafone and got to know Natalie and Charlotte and what their job roles entail at Vodafone.

Here are some quotes from the girls that joined the session about what they enjoyed the most:

“I loved finding out about the different people needed when making a Chatbot, you can do anything from technical work to designing to researching! However the most important part is working and communicating together as a team.”

“I loved hearing about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning! It was really interesting to learn about Toby as well! Thank you Team Stemette I really enjoyed it!!!”

“The interactivity with the viewers. The speakers were always looking at our feedback and answering questions throughout the session.”

“How engaging the speakers were, what they told us about their lives, the way they interacted with each other (different opinions on pineapples!).  I also liked them answering people’s questions because that way you find out more.”

195 folks tuned into this weeks Friday Live session, hosted by Head Stemette Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie was joined by Product Architect, Luisa Tamrakar and Coordination and Support Specialist Roshni Mistry. Both Luisa and Tamrakar joined Vodafone through the Technology Graduate Scheme which made the role models really accessible to the audience. The attendees learned about all of the opportunities that Vodafone offers for young people and they learned about the role models career journey and day to day at Vodafone. It was the last STEM Mode In session so we had a big goodbye at the end. We cannot believe how fast it has gone and it was STEMazing to end the programme with wonderful Vodafone role models. The attendees left great feedback for this session too.

“Being able to ask questions was very useful, and hearing from a variety of people was incredibly interesting and inspiring!”

“Hearing from the inspiring women from Vodafone learning about their career choices and about their typical working day”

“Enjoyed Roshni’s talk and when she explained that she was self-taught in Python.”

“Learning about what a solutions and products manger does because my dad is one but I never really knew what one did”

We received some great overall feedback from week 13 too!

315 participants tuned in this week!
100% would like to attend another Stemettes event
PERCEPTION 88% now see the STEM field in a better light.
AWARENESS 86% better understand the STEM career options.
NETWORK 82% now feel better connected to peers & role models in STEM.
CONFIDENCE 84% now feel more confident in their STEM abilities.
KNOWLEDGE 90% learnt something new from the intervention.

That is all for STEM Mode In, and what a journey it has been. The good news is that you can view Meal Plans and rewatch sessions (or catch ones you missed out on) here. STEM Mode In is a part of DFT’s Reach for the Sky programme. We would also like to thank Vodafone for their partnership. See you all soon!

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