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Scientifically Technically Entertaining Madness – Brainiac Live!

This blog post has been written by Summer, 12 and her sister Wynter, 10, who won tickets to Brainiac Live as part of WednesdayWins on our OtotheB app.


You could describe Brainiac Live as a combination of science experiments gone wrong…this show has its share of all things that go whizz bang pop to entertain no matter what age. We were lucky enough to win tickets courtesy of Stemettes and as we headed to the Southbank – you can not miss the great big purple tent easily mistaken for a cow’s underbelly, we now see where the name comes from… Clever but not as clever as these crazy scientists. We took our seats and the show was fast with fizzes of fun, we were entertained by the power of forces, Sparkles of electricity, non-stop circuits, banging gases and liquids and spinning rockets…

We recommend you go to Brainiac Live if you have a spare day. Scientifically, Technically, Entertaining Madness STEM for short…


Summer won a family ticket to Brainiac Live in May 2016.

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