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Volunteer Case Study: Anne Pacros

Anne Pacros is an ATHENA Science Instruments Module Study Manager at the European Space Agency (ESA). She is responsible for some of the scientific instruments, making sure they are incorporated into various spacecraft correctly. Anne volunteered at Stemettes in April 2020 taking part in STEM Mode In for participants in the Junior (7-11) and Connect categories (12-15). She also helped to translate her session into a Meal Plan for Stemillions. Her profile on the Stemettes Zine has been very popular.

Anne says she became interested in space as a child after reading a magazine about the first French astronaut when she was around 12 years old.

“I didn’t have female role models but was very lucky to have many teachers who supported my ambitions. Also, my parents, of course, supported me. For example, they helped me get my private pilot license when I was just 17.”

At the ESA, Anne works between the scientific teams who built the instruments for the spacecraft and the project team. Daily, Anne will use her engineering knowledge to problem-solve and ensure the smooth development of the Solar Orbiter between the different partners.

Anne said, “It’s important to show what we do at the European Space Agency and especially to show young ladies that it is possible to be an engineer, a team leader and a mother all at the same time.”

On her involvement with Stemettes, she said, “It was very well organised despite the challenges of doing everything online during the lockdown last year. I am happy to contribute anytime!”

Read more about Anne’s work on our Zine: https://stemettes.org/zine/profiles/meet-anne-pacros/

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