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Case Study: Jessica Levett

Meet one of the youngest Scrum Masters for software development in the world. 20-year-old Jessica Levett has been involved with Stemettes since she was 14 and credits the organisation for the support she received along her journey into a STEM career.

“I have been with Stemettes since I was about 14 when I attended my first Stemettes Hackathon and won an app designing competition… little did I know how wonderfully my life would change from there.”

Jessica’s uncle signed her and her cousins up for the Stemettes Rise Hack for International Women’s Day in March 2016. From that point, she went on to take part in several events and interventions over the years including, the Stident To Stemette Sherpee Programme, Stemillions, the Beep Boop for Change Robotics Hack, O to the B (early version of Outbox), Meet the Stemettes @ BAE Systems, various Stemettes meetups, the Grace Hopper Conference, NASA, QA Agile Academy and STEM Mode In with GCHQ.

Jessica decided to take on an apprenticeship with a bank to fulfil her career goals.

“I spent all my work holidays and weekends to attend Stemettes ceremonies and worked extra hours so that I could be there. Stemmettes has dedicated so much of their time to benefiting me that I would like to continue to be part of that positive female empowering energy experienced during the trip to America (Grace Hopper Conference).”

Jessica applied to be The Regional Stemettes representative for the South West in April 2021.


“Stemettes is an amazing organization who has opened so many doors for me in the past. I have bought many agile training books leading up to this training session to get a head start as I want to make Agile my career as soon as possible. I had a look into it and fell in love with it completely.”


Jessica says her other interests include seeing the best in people and she has a passion for creating organic diversity within organizations and seeing the strengths in individuals. 

“I grew up as a young carer alongside my siblings in a multi-ability, multinational and multifaith household. I see the true beauty in being your own person, owning who you are, and rocking it. When you start to see the positives in being unique and that in others then you will start to see such beauty in the world and open your eyes to another field of flowers”. 


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