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Stemettes Hack Connection @ Moonpig

On 27th November, Stemettes partnered with Moonpig for an exciting virtual hackathon aiming to tackle the problem of loneliness. The one-day event was open to young women and non-binary people aged 12 to 21, with 21 people attending.


Attendees were split into five groups and challenged to produce a business idea or technology that keeps people connected and helps to solve the issue of loneliness.



Attendees were asked to fill in feedback at the end of the event, rating the hackathon 9.32 out of 10 and 100% would attend another Stemettes event.

During the day, attendees had the opportunity to network with role models from Moonpig and get feedback on their ideas. Role models shared advice and their journeys into STEM.

As a result of this, participants felt the biggest area of improvement was their Network in STEM fields, increasing by 37%.


“Some of the content that was covered during the hack gave me inspiration towards working at Moonpig and towards work itself”


Participants rated how different metrics had improved from the hack and rated the following:

  • 100% felt their perception of STEM increased
  • 92% felt their knowledge of STEM increased
  • 91% felt their awareness of STEM career options increased



Thank you to all of the volunteers and attendees of the hack and congratulations to the winning team!

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